If you have tried mountain biking before and are now serious about making this sport a part of your life, be it as a hobby or semi-professionally, you will need people in your life who are experts in mountain biking. You want to have someone in your life you can talk to when you have questions about mountain biking and someone you can go to or call in case of an emergency repair need. You want someone you will be able to trust during all the steps of the biking process, from getting a consult about what bike to choose to buying an actual mountain bike and assembling it to getting pro tips, parts for your bike, and advice.

For all these reasons you absolutely need to find a bike shop that you can trust in your area. Today bike shops are more than just that. They are often also a social centre for people that love mountain biking. Bike shops have their meetups, Facebook groups, websites and forums. The shops that are very serious about their businesses spend time on choosing the right mobile app development platform and then develop their own mobile apps for mountain bike lovers that have news, updates, bikes for sale, educational videos, a community and much more. One of the best things you can do to find a great bike shop is use the Internet and Facebook.

If you live in a place where mountain biking is a popular sport, you will probably have Facebook groups dedicated to it. If not, you may have groups of runners or triathlon participants where you can ask about finding fellow mountain bikers.

As with many other businesses today, you want to check Yelp and other review sites for feedback and testimonials about the bike shops in your area. Find the one that has a lot of positive reviews and most likely you will not be disappointed when you visit the actual store.