Whether riding on the road or off it, us cyclists never set out expecting anything bad to happen. At least, we don’t once we’re used to handling our bikes, though there might be the odd scrape here and there. Mobile phone apps have enabled riders to become safer in the event of a serious accident, with some automatically sending an alert to your nearest and dearest when you cease moving. If you’re mountain biking alone on a remote trail, this might just save your life.

Security is important to all of us, whether it’s home, leisure, or work-related. This is certainly true in a business; you might want to click here to find out how your business could be protected from all kinds of threats, including data theft and fraud. As a cyclist, your needs will be less complex than those of a business. You just need an app that tracks your movements, effectively keeping a watchful eye over your bike ride.

Here are three apps that will help you if you ever fall off a bike and are unable to get to your phone:

  • Find Me Fast is an app for iPhone that sounds an alarm if the phone stays stationary for a chosen duration. Then, if there is no response to the alarm, a text message is sent to an emergency contact number.
  • Strava Beacon is a feature of the subscription-based Strava Premium package. It is used in conjunction with an iPhone, Android device or compatible Garmin computer (requires LiveTrack function), enabling safety contacts to always know your whereabouts.
  • Road ID is an app for iPhone or Android that includes, among other things, an eCrumb feature. This tracks your progress and notifies chosen contacts if you stop moving for over 5 minutes. The app also has a useful lock screen that displays your medical details for emergency services personnel.

If you’re planning on riding alone, as many single track cyclists do, we seriously recommend that you consider using one of these apps to account for all eventualities.