Whether you’re a complete newbie or a seasoned rider, this site aims to be a rich source of mountain-biking information and inspiration. Here, you’ll find anything from buying advice on bikes and components to ideas about where to go on MTB holidays. We also offer mountain bike coaching with qualified instructors, making use of spectacular trails within an hour’s drive of London. Our coaching packages include possible hire of all necessary equipment, from bikes to gloves and helmets.

Why Mountain Biking?

A lot of people looking to take up cycling are confused by the vast array of bikes on the market. This is a topic that will be covered elsewhere, but why would you want to take up mountain biking? Well, for a start it avoids the very real risk of dangerous encounters with traffic. If you fall off your bike, chances are you’ll be moving more slowly than you would on the road and you won’t be colliding with a ton or more of metal. However, more than that, mountain biking really puts you in touch with nature as you ride through woodland, alongside lakes and seas, or across mountain trails. Mountain bikes are fun to ride and comfortable, too, thanks in part to their fat tyres.

Team Building

For corporate groups, our mountain bike centre in the south-east of England provides a terrific opportunity to build rapport within teams. Staff members will enjoy the shared experience of learning how to handle a bike and riding breathtaking trails. All levels of skill are catered for, from beginners to advanced riders.

Women and Children

Among our many services, we offer ladies-only MTB coaching sessions as well as coaching for schoolchildren and youths.

Our centre welcomes all types of rider and can customise packages to suit your needs.